PubPol 475.007/OrgStudy 495.002

PubPol 475.007/OrgStudy 495.002: Topics: Urban Inequality and Policy in the U.S.

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Winter 2023
Winter 2023
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This course is managed by the Organizational Studies department. Please contact Bryan Adato, OS Student Services Coordinator (badato) with any questions about this course.

Instructor: Jeremy Levine, Assistant Professor of Organizational Studies and Sociology

Drawing on readings mostly from sociology and political science, this course will discuss several urban policy areas and their relationship to inequality. Substantive topics include segregation, policing, education, immigration, crime, redevelopment, and more. Each topic will address inequality - how structure, culture, or some combination produces social inequality - as well as policy, moving beyond interpretation of the world to focus on actions to change it. Assignments will include several traditional elements - such as weekly reading responses - as well as tasks designed to push students to apply lessons from class to real world policy situations. This is a reading-intensive course; students should be prepared to read a book each week.