PubPol 558

PubPol 558: Economic Analysis in the Practice of Public Policy

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Winter 2023
Winter 2023
Tuesday, Thursday
This course also has a discussion session.
2:30-3:50 pm EDT
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1110 Weill Hall
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A continuation of PubPol 555 (Microeconomics for Public Policy), this course will deepen students' understanding of key economic concepts and principles and, importantly, apply them to the practice of policy analysis. Students will thus gain applied policy analysis skills through an economic lens, focusing on the efficiency and equity consequences of resource allocation, regulation, and other policy interventions. We will develop and hone an array of tools, including graphical analysis, cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis, sensitivity analysis, and different approaches to valuation. We will apply these tools to specific applications in a handful of public policy domains including the environment, early childhood and education, labor markets, trade, crime, and transportation. Throughout, the course will focus on the skills and approaches that public policy professionals use in practice.  In fact, we'll see several examples of economic analysis being done by or used by our own Ford alumni!

*This class counts as an option to fulfill the second economics course requirement for the MPP degree.*