PubPol 495

PubPol 495.001 Policy Seminar: Energy & Climate

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Winter 2024
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PUBPOL 495 (Policy Seminar) is for students currently enrolled in the Public Policy Undergraduate Program only, no exceptions. Enrollment is by permission only. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

The climate is changing at an unprecedented rate, with implications for human well-being around the world. This course will analyze the evidence on climate change's impacts on the environment and the economy. Then we'll explore how different energy sectors (electricity, natural gas, etc) contribute to climate change. We'll delve into theories and when and how the government can or should regulate the sectors that contribute to climate change.

Our goals are to:
- Think critically about policy issues and options related to climate change.
- Understand the basics of some of the energy markets that contribute to climate change.
- Develop excellence in conveying our ideas in written form.