PUBPOL 475.301: Topics: Community Development Finance

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Fall 2018
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This course is designed to introduce students to the policy and practice of community development finance including how private sector developers and lenders work with nonprofits, foundations, and the public sector to promote affordable housing, economic development, and other community-based projects that meet both financial as well as social impact criteria. The course explores a range of community and economic development programs and policy issues. The course also addresses emerging trends that are likely to affect community development policymakers and practitioners in the future, including tax policy, transit-oriented development, comprehensive community initiatives, and new ways of raising capital for community development projects.

The course will feature several guest lecturers who are current practitioners and relevant case studies.  Although the course includes a discussion of public policy analysis and underwriting techniques used by public and private sector community development practitioners, no previous community development finance or public policy experience is required.