PUBPOL 750-003/EDUC 747-

PUBPOL 750-003/EDUC 747-: Causal Inference in Education Research

Winter 2009
12:14-12:14 pm EDT
Credit Hours

This course explores the use of experiments and quasi-experiments in education research. We will examine papers that use advanced research methods such as instrumental variables, regression discontinuity, propensity score matching, natural experiments, differences-in-differences, and randomized trials. Students will produce a substantial, original piece of research. Research options include testing an original hypothesis using data; critically reviewing the existing research on a topic; and formulating a detailed research design. This class is ideal for PhD students early in their dissertation phase, as well as for advanced master's students who plan to work with empirical research in a professional setting. An introductory course in regression analysis is required (e.g., EDUC 795 PUBPOL 569).