PUBPOL 650: Introduction to Science and Technology Policy Analysis

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Winter 2014
Credit Hours

As it exposes students to the landscape of science and technology policymaking in the US and abroad, this course introduces theories and methodologies for science and technology policy analysis, with literature drawn from a range of disciplines, including political science, economics, sociology, and history. Students will learn about the politics of science and technology policy, and how research funding decisions and regulations are made, with specific attention to the roles of government agencies, expert advisory committees, private industry, and the public. They will also gain tools for science and technology policy analysis, including research funding allocation methods, technology impact assessment, innovation theory, and deliberative democratic engagement. The course will also explore how national and international contexts shape science and technology policymaking. This course is designed for graduate students from public policy, public health, law, business, engineering and the social, biological, and physical sciences. No scientific or technical background is necessary Download Coursemart Audio