PUBPOL 587.201: Public Management: Survey Design for Organizations

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Winter 2018
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Part of successful management is knowing how employees, managers, citizens, and other stakeholders think and feel about organizations in general, about particular policies, and about new initiatives and programs. It's also often important to know whether interventions are working: For example, if a manager has tried to change employee behavior in some way, are employees actually making the desired changes? How can managers get honest feedback about employee morale? When measuring public opinion on a complicated issue, how can you be sure that the responses you get are truly answering the questions you were trying to ask? When you are asking people to self-report about their behaviors, when can you trust their responses? In this module, students will be taught best practices for how to design and implement surveys to assess issues like employee morale, public opinion, and program success. Students will not only review and assess existing survey research, but will gain hands-on experience in designing survey questions, collecting survey responses, and in interpreting survey data. Download Coursemart Audio.