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PUBPOL 676.001: International Politics of Poverty

Susan Waltz
Tuesday, Thursday
Winter 2018
2:30-4:00 pm EST

This course examines alternative approaches to the study of poverty and development. Attention is directed primarily to problems confronted in the global South, with some comparative perspective on Western industrialized countries.

PubPol 510.004

PubPol 510.004: The Politics of Public Policy

Susan Waltz
Fall 2014
8:57-8:57 pm EST Download Syllabus

In exploring such questions, this course aims to provide: • Familiarity with concepts and perspectives commonly used in the study and practice of international relations and foreign policy • Familiarity with global institutions that comprise the p

PubPol 495.003

PubPol 495.003: Policy Seminar:

Susan Waltz
Fall 2012
8:57-8:57 pm EST

Policy seminars are open only to undergraduates enrolled in the Ford School. These small, interdisciplinary courses will focus on particular public policy issues as reflected in the title of the course.