Type: Public event

What is the future of the Sudans?

Hosted by the Brookings Institution's Africa Security Initiative


Michael E. O'Hanlon, Ambassador Susan D. Page, Peter Biar Ajak, Nyagoah Tut Pur, Elizabeth Shackelford, and Joseph Tucker

Date & time

Jan 24, 2022, 3:00-4:00 pm EST


This is a Virtual Event.

Sudan and South Sudan confront a wide array of challenges. Ever since South Sudan became an independent country in 2011, each has experienced political upheaval, security threats, environmental pressures, and economic deprivation. With a combined population of over 50 million, their success as nation-states impacts not only the lives of their own people, but the broader region as well.

The Brookings Institution's Africa Security Initiative will host a panel of experts—including Ambassador Susan D. Page, a professor of practice at the Ford School— to discuss the future of the Sudans, and what the United States and its partners can do to support them.


  • Moderator: Michael E. O'Hanlon, director of research at Foreign Policy
  • Peter Biar Ajak, president of Revive South Sudan
  • Ambassador Susan D. Page, professor of practice at the University of Michigan
  • Nyagoah Tut Pur, researcher at Human Rights Watch's Africa Division
  • Elizabeth Shackelford, senior fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs
  • Joseph Tucker, senior expert at the United States Institute of Peace

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