2011 V-BID Center Symposium

Date & time

Nov 16, 2011-Jun 21, 2024, 12:00-1:03 am EDT


University of Michigan North Campus Research Ctr
2800 Plymouth Road Dining Hall Ann Arbor, MI
This event is free; registration is required to attend. Register here.

Senator Tom Daschle, former U.S. Senate Majority Leader and author of Getting it Done: How Obama and Congress Finally Broke the Stalemate to Make Way for Health Care Reform, will deliver the keynote address at the 2011 V-BID Center Symposium.

Attendees will engage with the nation's leading experts on:

  • Evidence: the most current evaluations of existing and potential
    V-BID plan designs' impact on cost and health, particularly as the data relates to V-BID in health reform;

  • Policy: what V-BID provisions in health reform legislation and regulations mean for employers, plans, and providers, and what key issues remain;

  • Implementation: successes, challenges, barriers, solutions, and outcomes explained by plans and employers that currently employ V-BID; and

  • Tools and integration: how new IT solutions will enable enhanced V-BID innovations and the possibilities for V-BID expansion in the future.
Value-based insurance design (V-BID) is an innovative and widely implemented approach to providing health benefits which seeks to enhance patients' clinical outcomes and control health care costs. By reducing barriers to high-value services and providers (through lower costs and other patient incentives) V-BID plans can achieve improved health outcomes while controlling costs.

Momentum around the concept of value-based insurance design continues to grow in both the private and public sectors, and V-BID is becoming an integral part of improving health care for all Americans. This is the only national conference designed specifically to inform and shape this exciting shift in benefit plan design by gathering leaders from all areas of V-BID: research, policy, IT, and employers currently utilizing V-BID.

The symposium is designed to foster collaboration among a wide range of professionals whose work includes V-BID, including: employers, researchers, plan designers, healthcare executives, policy leaders, government officials, benefit consultants, and health IT leaders.

View the V-BID Symposium website for additional details.