The Escape Artists: How Obama's Team Fumbled the Recovery

Date & time

Mar 22, 2012, 2:30-4:00 pm EDT


Book signing with refreshments to follow.
Nicola's Books will be on-site following the event with copies of the book for purchase.

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About the book
From the publisher: "Facing the worst economy since the 1930s, President Obama hired a crack team of escape artists: financial wizards who had pulled off numerous white-knuckle getaways during the Clinton era and who were ready to do it again. To their credit, they prevented a depression. But, after three years of stagnation and grinding unemployment, it's clear that the escape fell short. This is the inside story of what happened.

The Escape Artists features previously undisclosed internal documents and extensive, original reporting. Deeply sourced at the highest levels of the administration, White House journalist Noam Scheiber reveals the mistakes that bedeviled Obama's pedigreed team, showing what responsibility the President bears and how the White House was outmaneuvered by Republicans in Congress.

Tracking the administration's efforts into the fall of 2011, Scheiber illustrates how the very qualities that made these men and women escape artists in the 1990s ultimately led them astray."

About the speaker
From the speaker's bio: Noam Scheiber is a senior editor at The New Republic magazine in Washington, D.C., and a Schwartz Fellow at the New America Foundation. He holds a master's degree in economics from Oxford University, where he studied on a Rhodes Scholarship. Noam wrote the first story about Barack Obama to appear in a national magazine in May of 2004 and later covered the 2008 presidential campaign and the Obama White House.

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