The InSPIRE Symposium: Where Science Meets Policy with Congressman John Dingell

Date & time

Apr 4, 2013, 1:00-3:00 pm EDT


Michigan League, Vandenberg Room
911 North University Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1265

Join us for this unique opportunity to present and discuss current issues in science and technology policy with fellow graduate students from a variety of backgrounds, including health, life science, physical science, law, business, engineering and more.

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The poster symposium will be followed by a keynote address delivered by Representative John Dingell, who is representing the 12th district of Michigan. Congressman Dingell will share with us the experience he collected during his time on the Congressional Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

All attendees are invited to present a poster during the InSPIRE Symposium. The goal of the poster session is to provide a forum for you to share the importance and impact of your work with a diverse audience.

We encourage science policy focused posters, but we also welcome scientific poster presentations.

Please be prepared to discuss the big-picture implications of your work, and how they are affected by or might affect policy. This is the perfect opportunity to practice your scientific communication skills!

If you would like to present your work at the symposium, or if you would just like to learn about exciting research from your fellow students, please RSVP for the InSPIRE Symposium.

Following are further instructions and background information.

For more information about poster instructions, Representative John Dingell, and about InSPIRE, please keep scrolling down. :)

1. Poster instructions for the InSPIRE Symposium

Poster preparation
The venue will be open starting at 12pm for poster set up.
InSPIRE has limited funds available to reimburse your printing costs.
If you would like to make a new poster for the InSPIRE Symposium, please e-mail Hua Cai for details.

Poster presentation options

1. Present a poster on your science policy research, or the policy implications of your work. If you already have a poster from a recent policy symposium or conference, feel free to bring it.

2. Present a poster on your scientific research (this can be a poster that you've already created for another venue). When presenting this poster, focus on the motivation, rationale and importance of your work. Remember, your audience is not in your field, they want to know why what you do is important, what your discoveries mean for the world, and how policy can influence your work / how your work does or could influence policy.

3. Present a poster on a policy issue that you are passionate about. This does not have to be your area of expertise! You may use your poster to pose a question or elicit a discussion with InSPIRE Symposium participants.

If you have any questions about poster preparation, please email Ethan Hyland.



2. About Representative John Dingell

Representative John D. Dingell represents Michigan's Twelfth Congressional District, which includes parts of Wayne and Washtenaw Counties. He is the current Dean of the House of Representatives. As an avid conservationist and outdoorsman, Dingell wrote the Endangered Species Act, the 1990 Clean Air Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, and legislation to build North America's first international wildlife refuge. As a lifetime advocate for protecting public health, he authored the Affordable Care Act, the Patient's Bill of Rights, the Children's Health Insurance Program, the Mammography Quality Standards Act, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, the Prescription Drug User Fee Act, and others. Dingell continues to be a champion of working across the Congressional aisle. For more information, please visit his website.





3. About InSPIRE

InSPIRE (Interdisciplinary Science and Policy Initiative for Research Engagement) is a student-initiated, Rackham sponsored interdisciplinary workshop. It is a great opportunity for graduate and master students interested in science and health policy to





  • learn to communicate the importance of their research to an audience with substantially different backgrounds
  • gain diverse perspectives on major policy topics like health care, sciences, climate change, communications technology, energy, environment....
  • improve their communication and presentation skills
  • practice networking with peers


To learn more about InSPIRE, you can also go to our website or join our mail-list by sending a request to [email protected].

Hope to see you at the symposium! You can RSVP HERE.