Ford Case Collective Final Showcase

Date & time

Nov 21, 2014, 12:30-2:00 pm EST


The Policy Case Collective will hold an annual Ford School Case Competition - a 10-day consulting project in which teams of policy students compete.

No opportunity currently exists for Ford School students to practice applied policy skills in a time-limited, competition format. The Nonprofit and Public Management Center currently hosts a case competition open to all University of Michigan students that blends the skills of its partner schools in business, policy, and social work. The broad scope limits the opportunity to apply and refine policy-specific skills. The Ford School provides a more policy-focused challenge through the Applied Policy Seminar, a course in which students engage in a semester-long consulting project. This case competition shares a similar focus but provides a unique opportunity for more students to conduct a policy-focused consulting project over a shorter period in a competition format.

Hands-on learning for students: The case competition will allow Ford School students to develop their policy skills and knowledge through a consulting project, as well as give them experience participating in case competitions replicating the real world challenges faced by municipal governments and nonprofit organizations.

Community engagement and branding for Ford School: Through the case competition, the Ford School will bring together students and local government and/or nonprofit leaders to create implementable solutions to real-world problems. Furthermore, the Ford School will continue to build its brand and will demonstrate the quality of its students’ work, further bridging the gap between education and employment.

Networking for students and alumni: The case competition will allow students to interact with alumni. Students will learn about the important work that alumni do in the community and alumni will see current students’ skills in action. In addition, alumni may contribute cases for future competitions.