Combatting COVID-19 in Mozambique

We are supporting the fight against COVID-19 in Mozambique by collecting survey data and testing public health interventions over the phone.

We seek to support the Mozambican COVID-19 response, in collaboration with the government’s health research center for the central region, by following up on a study sample of a randomized controlled trial in Mozambique. Sample households will be contacted by phone and administered several rounds of surveys regarding COVID-19 knowledge, beliefs, and behavior. We will randomize novel over-the-phone interventions to test if we can encourage social distancing by accelerating changes in community norms and improve knowledge about COVID-19 via incentives and tailored feedback. Our findings will support the Mozambican response by informing policymakers of the public's COVID-19 knowledge and behaviors and on which public health messaging strategies are best to pursue given limited resources.

COVID-19 Survey Timeline





COVID-19 survey summary reports

COVID-19 survey online appendices

Project details

The study was submitted to the American Economic Association’s RCT Registry on March 8, 2019, registration ID number AEARCTR-0005862:

This project is funded by the J-PAL Innovation in Government Initiative through a grant from The Effective Altruism Global Health and Development Fund, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, awarded through Innovation for Poverty Action’s Peace & Recovery Program, and the Michigan Institute for Teaching and Research in Economics Ulmer Fund.

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