The Economics of Health Decision-Making in Mozambique

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We study the economics of health decision-making in a panel of households in central Mozambique. We shed light on how a community HIV/AIDS program (Força à Comunidade e Crianças, or FCC) affects HIV testing, HIV-related knowledge, and stigmatizing attitudes. We also explore the impacts of a devastating cyclone (Cyclone Idai), as well as interventions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project Timeline

We have conducted three waves of surveys, the most recent by phone in adherence to COVID-19 protocols. We used a multi-level randomized research design to study the FCC program, as well as household-level randomization to estimate impacts of COVID-19 interventions. To estimate the impacts of Cyclone Idai, we rely on heterogeneity across communities in disaster exposure.


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Dean Yang

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