Graduating classes give generously to future students

May 19, 2009

MPP and MPA Class of 2009

During their final semester at the Ford School, students look ahead to graduation and back to what they gained during their time at Michigan. The 2009 graduates participated generously in Class Giving programs, reflecting the value they place on their Ford School education and their strong commitment to supporting future generations of policy students.

In this, the sixth year of the masters Class Gift program, 57% percent of the graduating MPP/MPA students contributed a total of over $11,000. This funding will support internship partnerships for future masters students.

Over half of the inaugural graduating class of BA students participated in the Class Gift program, pledging nearly $6,000 toward a fund that will support internships for future Ford School BAs.

The 2009 Class Gift campaigns highlight a strong level of internal support for the Ford School's programs. At a time when the school is focused on increasing student funding, such strong support from current students makes a significant contribution to the school's overall fundraising efforts.

BA Class of 2009

Thank you to the following individuals who served on the class gift committees, and to all who contributed to the campaigns.

Masters Class Gift Committee

Brian Adornato
Joshua Brammer
Grant Erwin
Suzanne Gill
Zenia Lewis
Abigail Newcomer
Scott Rasmussen
Shereda Robinson

Undergraduate Class Gift Committee

Elle Beard
Kimberly Leung
Diana Searl
Jonathon Tap
Dorian Tyus
Dina Ufberg
Jessica Zakar