Susan Dynarski quoted in Inside Higher Ed article, "In Search of Evidence, and Acceptance"

October 14, 2009

Susan Dynarski was recently invited to attend a meeting organized by the University of Phoenix, the University of Southern California, and the Lumina Foundation for Education and then spoke with Inside Higher Ed about the event. The University of Phoenix convened this meeting of for-profit education leaders, higher education researchers, and foundation officials to discuss the formation of a new research center.

In the article, "In Search of Evidence, and Acceptance," Dynarski indicated there is great potential for for-profit institutions to become leaders in higher education research. "These institutions are potentially labs for innovation, because there's experimentation going on" in terms of learning techniques and student support services, but "the studies that would let us glean insights into that isn't happening," Dynarski said. According to Dynarski, results from this type of research could be useful for many types of institutions.

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