Elisabeth Gerber, Applied Policy Seminar, and One Lenawee partnership highlighted in article

December 10, 2010

Elisabeth Gerber and MPP students from her Applied Policy Seminar (APS), now called Strategic Public Policy Consulting or SPPC, were highlighted in a Daily Telegram article called "Research by 'One Lenawee' group progresses." Gerber and her students partnered with One Lenawee, a group of business and civic leaders from Lenawee County, Mich., to survey local governments, catalog public facilities, and forecast cost savings under various scenarios. APS students collected data from 24 of Lenawee County’s 34 municipalities to help identify opportunities for cost-savings and efficiency gains through a shared/combined municipal service provision. Students will present their findings to the governmental collaboration committee of One Lenawee on December 13, 2010.