Barry Rabe quoted in New York Times article about carbon tax in British Columbia

March 22, 2011

Barry Rabe was quoted in a New York Times ClimateWire article called "British Columbia Survives 3 Years and $848 Million Worth of Carbon Taxes." Though the full economic value of British Columbia's carbon tax isn't yet known, analysts say it is giving policymakers a preview of how a carbon tax would work on a larger scale.

With a reference to a recent Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy (CLOSUP) report on the public's opinion about climate change (co-authored by Rabe), the article explains that much of the initial resistance to the carbon tax has calmed and now 56 percent of Canadians would support a carbon tax of $50 each month.

Some U.S. policymakers are suggesting a carbon tax could help raise money to reduce the national debt. Rabe told the New York Times that states or localities could also use a carbon tax as a new source of funds. "A huge question we are facing is how to deal with budget problems," Rabe said. "Where are states going to get money? They don't have many choices, and carbon is one place to look."