Dean Susan M. Collins welcomes new students to the Ford School community

August 26, 2011

Dear Students,

On behalf of the entire Ford School community, I write to welcome you to the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy and to thank you for choosing to join us this year. As you begin your studies, you are embarking on a new trajectory that we hope you will find both intellectually stimulating and personally fulfilling. You are also beginning a life-long affiliation with an extensive network of Ford School and University of Michigan colleagues. This is a special membership, and one that we hope you will value and enjoy far beyond your actual time here on campus.

We have designed orientation programs that we believe will help you acclimate to your new community. The materials you will receive are intended to cover what you will need to know to begin classes. We also hope that the opportunity to meet some of your new classmates -- as well as members of the faculty and the staff -- will help you to feel comfortable right from the beginning of the program.

Your student handbook provides guidance and information about your degree program, as well as useful information about the Ford School, the University of Michigan, and life in Ann Arbor. It is meant to be a resource for you throughout your studies. However, if you have questions not covered here or need assistance of any kind, please ask any member of the Student Services staff. They can be a valuable resource.

Again, welcome! I look forward to meeting and working with you as you build new skills, knowledge, and relationships in the years ahead.

Best wishes,

Susan M. Collins
Joan and Sanford Weill Dean of Public Policy