Joe Schwarz cited in Detroit Free Press column about Governor Synder's approach to governing

May 1, 2011

Joe Schwarz was cited in a Detroit Free Press column called, "Brian Dickerson: A pragmatist's radical vision—Rick Snyder has a messianic faith in markets and metrics."

In the column, Dickerson described three recent decisions by the Snyder administration as going against the Republican grain—denying the addition of reporting requirements to stem cell research, pressing forward with the development of Michigan guidelines in order to comply with the federal health care law (instead of waiting to see if the courts will overturn this law), and allowing out-of-district students to fill vacant seats in higher-performing schools.

Schwarz spoke in favor of Snyder's decision to not require additional stem cell research reporting requirements. According to Schwarz, these requirements are an attempt to disrupt and control stem cell research.