John Chamberlin Quoted in Detroit News Article "New 14th District: A land of opposites"

August 4, 2011
John Chamberlin was quoted in a Detroit News article about the new 14th district of Michigan, which has been proposed by lawmakers in the state senate as part of a redistricting effort. Michigan's population decrease has forced lawmakers to cut a congressional district and redraw the boundaries between the remaining 14.

The new district is a large s-shape which encompasses a wide variety of disparate communities - from wealthy areas such as Grosse Pointe Shores and Farmington Hills to depressed regions such as Pontiac and parts of southwest Detroit. The district's borders, drawn up by Republicans and awaiting Governor Rick Snyder's approval, notably cross Eight Mile Road, the traditional boundary between the suburbs and the city of Detroit.

The proposed district's odd shape has brought it under fire for political gerrymandering. "It's the ugliest district Michigan has had since they've started doing redistricting," Chamberlin told the Detroit News. "It's clearly tortured. Something is going on."

Chamberlin went on to comment on the political implications of breaking the Eight Mile barrier. "This will give at least one member of Congress and good reason to think about things that make sense on both sides of Eight Mile. That boundary has been politically toxic for too long," he said.