John R. Chamberlin quoted on about Wayne county officials, well-paid contractors, and ethics

November 2, 2011

John R. Chamberlin was quoted in an story about the ethics of Wayne county public officials hiring specific contractors.

The article, "This didn't start with Turkia Mullin: The inter-connected web of Wayne County politics from Ed McNamara to Renee Axt," written by Jeff T. Wattrick, discusses a number of relationships, including one between Airport Authority Chair Renee Pipis Axt, RCP Associates, and Actron Government Sales, LLC.

"My guess is this [the relationship between Axt, RCP, and Actron] is not illegal, but it's exactly the kind of coziness that leads people to say: 'oh, look how cozy this relationship is,'" Chamberlin told Wattrick. "People on both ends of the appointment should be aware of the appearance of a conflict of interest in addition to an actual conflict of interest."