Ford School senior wins seat on Trenton City Council

November 6, 2013

On November 6, Steve Rzeppa (BA '14) became an elected policy maker in his hometown of Trenton, Michigan, a small city about 40 miles from Ann Arbor. In his new role, Rzeppa hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the city council and help keep Trenton an innovative, youth-friendly community.

Rzeppa first became interested in public office when working on the State House campaign of former Trenton Mayor Tom Dorigzki. Rzeppa noted that his experience in University of Michigan Central Student Government reinforced his commitment to public service and informed his decision to run for office, stating:

"It helped me see the people I was making a difference for. And I think that's sort of what it's all about — seeing how other people can benefit from your actions is a very rewarding feeling."

Rzeppa plans to finish at the Ford School and then return to Trenton to stay close to his new constituents.