Ford School students to visit Cape Verde in March for 2013 IEDP

January 30, 2013
In March, twenty-five graduate students from the Ford School and other programs at the University of Michigan will spend a week off the coast of West Africa in the island nation of Cape Verde to research social and economic issues. The trip will be the culmination of a half-semester course focusing on development issues in Cape Verde.

The Cape Verde course and field visit are part of the Ford School's International Economic Development Program (IEDP). Each year Ford School students select a developing country and work with faculty to design a curriculum and research visit to explore policy issues in the country. The student-led effort allows students to engage the entire school community in a dialogue on key policy issues in developing countries. Since its establishment in 1999, Ford School students have led IEDP trips to Morocco, Venezuela, Czech Republic, Jordan, and elsewhere.

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