New York Times cites education study by Dynarski, Bailey

December 22, 2012

In an article on the difficulty low-income students have making it to college and graduating, the New York Times cited a 2011 study on educational inequality conducted by Susan Dynarski and Martha J. Bailey.

Dynarski, a professor in the Ford School and the School of Education co-authored the often-cited study with Martha J. Bailey, an assistant professor in the Department of Economics and research affiliate at the National Poverty Center.

Citing to Dynarski and Bailey's findings, the Times article indicates that "thirty years ago, there was a 31 percentage point difference between the share of prosperous and poor Americans who earned bachelor's degrees…now the gap is 45 points. While both groups improved their odds of finishing college, the affluent improved much more, widening their sizable lead."

Dynarski and Bailey describe their findings in the paper, "Gains and Gaps: Changing Inequality in the U.S. College Entry and Completion," which can be accessed here.