quotes Justin Wolfers on public concern over debt, government

January 16, 2013

Justin Wolfers was quoted in a article looking at growing public concern surrounding national debt and political dysfunction in America. The article points to a January Gallop poll in which 20 percent of respondents said they view the federal deficit as the biggest problem facing America and 18 percent of respondents identified politicians and government as the biggest issue—both numbers represent dramatic increases since late 2012.

"I would guess that the real concern is that if Congress screws things up with the fiscal cliff … and then coming up with the debt ceiling, that it will hurt the economy," Wolfers told

The federal government is expected to a reach a limit on its borrowing around late February if Congress does not act, and failing to increase the limit could hinder the country's economic recovery.

"It's a fragile recovery and we certainly don't need politicians in Washington derailing it," Wolfers said.