Agreement between the U.N. and Cambodia to continue to cooperate on the Khmer Rouge genocide trials positive sign, says Ciorciari

February 3, 2014

In a Voice of America article, John Ciorciari says the new commitment from the United Nations and Cambodia reinforcing their support of the Khmer Rouge genocide trials should restore confidence from international donors and push the tribunal to move on to new cases. The court has faced financial struggles in recent months as it seeks to conclude its initial trial, as well as criticism of mismanagement, corruption and political interference.

Ciorciari, whose forthcoming "Hybrid Justice: The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia," offers a critiques of the Khmer Rouge tribunal, noted that the timing was ripe for an agreement, especially as people are eager for the court to complete the first trial. He stated:

"The timing is perfect for both sides to cooperate now because there is something that both want and that is for the court's next phase of operation to go smoothly, the phase leading to the first verdict in case 002."

"Hybrid Justice" will be published by the University of Michigan Press and will be available by late February.