Dynarski comments on proposals to offset the high cost of a college education

February 24, 2014

In an NPR article, Susan Dynarski asked to explain the viability of proposals out of Oregon and Tennessee aimed at alleviating the cost of college. Both states are asking legislators to consider very different strategies for increasing college enrollment by aiding with funding.

Dynarski commented on both the "Tennessee Promise," which would use lottery money to fund two years of community college or technical school for applicants who meet grade or community service requirements, as well as "Pay it Forward" out of Oregon, which would have students pay for school not upfront but as a percentage of their income overtime. Dynarski stated that, while neither are breakthrough ideas and there are issues in design, the fact that these issues are being considered before legislators is a positive sign, stating:

"The political excitement behind these proposals is around fixing our student loan system. And that is very well placed."