Supreme Court boosts hopes for same-sex marriage says Moss

October 8, 2014

Kary Moss, who will be teaching at the Ford School this winter, speaks with the Detroit Free Press about the Supreme Court’s October 6 decision not to review appeals court rulings that have permitted same-sex marriage in five states. “High Court’s decision boosts hopes for same-sex marriage,” written by Kathleen Gray and John Wisely on October 7, argues that while the Supreme Court’s decision won’t impact Michigan directly, it has “brought renewed hope for supporters of same-sex marriage” in the state.

Moss, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, told the reporters that the Supreme Court’s decision not to review lower court rulings is a signal that justices are comfortable with rulings that have opened the way for same-sex marriage. Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban is now under consideration by the sixth circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, and a ruling is expected soon.

“It’s very good news overall for those who care about marriage equality,” Moss told the press. “It’s very heartening and definitely a signal that the court is not going to interfere with lower court decisions to allow marriages to go ahead.”

Kary L. Moss will be a visiting lecturer at the Ford School for the winter 2015 semester. She has served as the executive director of the ACLU of Michigan since 1988.