Internship field report, Talha Mirza (BA ’18) @ the Canadian Parliament, Ottawa

July 21, 2016

This internship field report is submitted by Talha Mirza (BA '18), who interned with the Canadian Federal House of Commons (Canadian Parliament) in Ottawa. 

Q. Where are you interning, and what do you love about it?

I interned with the Canadian Federal House of Commons in Ottawa (Parliament) and I loved how I was right in the center of Canadian politics and government--also the city is beautiful.

Q. What has this internship taught you? 

I learned a lot of the "behind the scenes" logistics regarding Canadian Parliament, and how much work goes on that we do not notice, or understand.

This work touches the lives of every resident in Canada, and many others across the world. This is especially pertinent due to the current and contentious legislation over Syrian refugees.

It has taught me about speechwriting, witness questioning, background research, organizational skills, negotiating, and many other things. All of these skills can be applied to virtually everything and anything else I do.

Q. What's surprised you--about the organization, the work, or the issues?

The amount of respect that the parties show each other was rather surprising in comparison to other nations' politics.

Q. What's your BA focus area, and how does this internship relate?

Most likely I'll focus on Congressional Policy; I was drawn to it due to my interest and experiences with Canadian and American government, and this internship was more than fitting as it gave me more insight into the inner-workings of the democratic institutions and federal government.

Q. Most memorable experiences of the summer?

Meeting the Presidents of Poland and Turkey, the Aga Khan, and of course Justin Trudeau, at the most lavish and "exclusive" Garden Party at the PM's own estate! (The food was out of this world, more than a hundred chefs on site and it was just unreal.)

Talha Mirza is a bachelor's of public policy candidate at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.