Rabe and Raimi review 2020 energy and environmental policy

December 29, 2020 Resources Radio

Barry Rabe joined Daniel Raimi on his Resources Radio podcast to review the most important energy and environmental policy developments of 2020.

Rabe's take: "We can say that 2020 shows that climate change is visible. It's drawing more people in than ever before. But at the end of the day, does it deliver clear mandates or at least candidates and parties who align behind a specific agenda, especially if we're talking about moving legislation through Congress or with broad buy-in across diverse states? Probably not. That, to me, is perhaps one of the bigger takeaways in this area and actually somewhat of a surprise, given the fact that I really never expected to see an election, at least not in 2020, where these issues would figure so prominently for so many candidates."

You can hear the podcast and read the transcript here.