Stevenson explains why pandemic is forcing women out of workforce

October 23, 2020 The New Yorker

"The pandemic has impacted women differently from men in multiple ways. At the beginning, we really had a gendered shutdown, and that was because many of the industries that laid people off were industries where women were the majority of workers...If we think about private-sector education and health services, seventy-seven per cent of the jobs are held by women," said Stevenson. "And in September something real did happen: kids didn’t go back to school. The September drop [in women's workforce participation] was really shocking. If you take a look at what we consider “prime-age” women, women who are twenty-five to fifty-four, people who are normally in the labor force, we’ve seen their labor-force participation fall to where it was in the nineteen-eighties and it’s now back to where it was in 1991." 

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