Ali on Michigan politics: Whitmer kidnappers and false election fraud claims

January 28, 2021

Michigan politics have gone through a volatile stage, from domestic terrorists accused of attempting to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer to false election fraud allegations perpetuated by state Republicans  (which culminated in the failed insurrection on the Capitol on January 6th).

Before the chaos surrounding the 2020 presidential election occurred, on October 8th, thirteen men were arrested and charged with attempting to orchestrate a domestic terror plot intended to kidnap and assassinate Whitmer. Now, Ty Garbin, one of the leaders of the plot, has pled guilty to conspiracy charges. The other defendants in the case have thus far refused to plead guilty. But that could change, says Ford school professor Javed Ali. In an interview with the Associated Press, Ali said that he’s “sure [Garbin’s] fellow co defendants are extremely nervous about this and may also rethink their legal strategies as a result.”

Meanwhile, Michigan’s politics have only become more turbulent since the presidential election in November. Even after it was clear that Joe Biden won Michigan’s 16 electoral votes and allegations of fraud were proven baseless, many Michigan Republicans continued to push baseless allegations of fraud. Meanwhile, Michigan Democrats are discussing how best to hold these officials - who they believe are at least partially responsible for the Capitol attack on January 6th - accountable. However, Ali, in an interview with The Bridge, noted that the effort to hold these officials accountable is complicated by the fact that it’s not illegal to believe the election was rigged. 

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