Out now! Students and grads: View and download your 2020-2021 Ford School yearbook

July 15, 2021

The Ford School is delighted to share a special, commemorative yearbook of and by our students and recent graduates. Full of photos and handwritten notes submitted by undergraduate and graduate students, the yearbook includes a special message from Dean Michael S. Barr, recognizes the graduating classes of 2021, and takes a look back at their time at the Ford School, from wherever they were logging on. It's a collection of snapshots in time, representing not the entirety of their experience but some of their most cherished moments. 

Spring 2021 grads—A printed copy of the yearbook is on its way to you in a special package we've mailed, so please look out for that very soon if you haven't received it already!

Fordies, friends, and family, please enjoy and share the digital page-flipping experience by viewing on Issuu, scroll through the embed below, or download the PDF from Google Drive. 

View the PDF