Young provides context for proposed CRT legislation

August 1, 2021 Holland Sentinel

Michigan Senate Bill 460 was created in response to calls to ban schools from teaching critical race theory (CRT). Alford Young, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in the Department of Sociology and a professor of public policy and African and African American studies, says that recent uproar about CRT is fueled by the Black Lives Matter protests that have occurred over the last year. 

"I think right now there are constituencies in America that are very anxious about race, that are very anxious about racial change, that are very anxious by demographic shifts," Young said. "This did not become yet another one of those moments where African Americans expressed indignation about what happened to them at the hand of the police... It became a moment of national consideration... Those that are more aggressive about stopping so-called critical race theory, stopping the teaching of racism in schools, in large part, that's a response to the recognition that America invested in this racial moment."

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