Discourse: Fordies in the news, fall 2022

December 19, 2022

“The line of students registering to vote on Election Day stretched across the University of Michigan campus, with students waiting for over four hours. There was a palpable sense of excitement and urgency around the election on campus. For many young people, especially young women, there was one motivating issue that drove their participation: abortion rights.”

Isabelle Schindler (BA ’23), who worked as UMICH Votes Fellow to promote student voting. CNN, November 10, 2022.


“Voters appreciated how hard she worked to increase the funding available for public schools. She didn’t run on a major transformation of the education system. She didn’t run saying we need to revamp the curriculum, or ban books, or keep certain ideas out of the classroom. Voters responded to that. They said, ‘Yeah, we don’t need to go there.’”

Jenna Bednar on the success of Governor Whitmer’s education platform. Chalkbeat, November 9, 2022.


“The new districts are much more fair, and they created a much more competitive situation, and so that laid the groundwork for what we saw happen. [Turnout was] accentuated by the presence of an important ballot initiative to guarantee reproductive rights. This is a response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. I think that issue became a big vote mobilizer for Democrats statewide, and it helped the Democrats in the state across the board.”

Jonathan Hanson on Michigan’s election results. Newsweek, November 9, 2022.


“There are people on a spectrum of how much they trust elections; for those who understand how elections are run and how committed our election officials are to running elections with integrity, I think the more people who can see that the better.”

Tom Ivacko on the need for transparency in elections. Michigan Advance, October 3, 2022.


“Reagan inspired optimism and launched an era that encouraged women and men to honor their country. The question is, will history say the same about the Republican Party? This is a time of choosing for the GOP. Will it be the party of Reagan and George H.W. Bush? Or the party of Donald Trump?”

Rusty Hills speaking about GOP prospects in the November election. Detroit News, September 11, 2022.


“This is a critical election. And the reason why is democracy itself, the ability to self-govern, feels very much on the line. We are in the thralls of a conversation about whether or not that ought to be the way we choose our leadership.”

Abdul El-Sayed on ballot initiatives that protect the voting process. Detroit Public TV, October 20, 2022.


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