Hanson on challenges to student loan forgiveness

November 23, 2022 MLive

Jonathan Hanson, MLive: "For those who have already applied, there is not much more they can do other than wait for the court battle to be finished. Basically, the Court of Appeals has halted the program for the time being until the case can be heard. So, it could be a number of months potentially where we just have to wait for that to happen. The administration is making the argument that the COVID-19 pandemic created a national emergency that put a lot of people in financial jeopardy. That’s the authority by which they’re saying: ‘Given the national emergency, we have the authority to do this loan forgiveness.’ There are a variety of different cases that have been filed. But at the core of it, a couple of the main cases, is that the administration lacks the legal authority to implement such a large loan forgiveness program without further authorization from Congress."