Hanson discusses education spending in Gov. Whitmer's budget proposal

February 11, 2022

With a predicted state surplus, Governor Whitmer is set to propose a plan that would give teachers bonuses, invest in mental health professionals, expand free preschool, and more. Jonathan Hanson, lecturer in statistics for public policy, weighed in on the current dynamic in Lansing. 

“It creates this temporary flexibility in the budget and the parties want to do different things with that," Hanson told Chalkbeat Detroit. "The Republicans are eager to bring in some tax cuts for corporations and for individuals that certainly right now are easily manageable, but would be risky down the road."

When talking with WJR Radio, Hanson discussed how soon the impact of the proposal would be felt, if passed.

"I wouldn’t want to say immediate. It’s going to take some time to do the increase in staffing that would be required," he said. "We’re talking about hiring more mental health professionals to be working in schools. That’s not something you can do just by flipping a switch. That hiring process could take a while. But there’s no doubt the need is there so the sooner we can get going with that, the better."

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