Levitsky predicts efficacy of Brazilian President-elect Lula

November 1, 2022 The Dialogue

Melvyn Levitsky, The Dialogue: “Lula has attained almost mythical status among the lower-middle and lower classes in Brazil. His rise from poverty to trade union leader to president of Brazil in addition to popular programs to keep kids in school and assist working families seem to have canceled out the charges and acts of corruption by Workers’ Party (PT) officials. Lula will have to overcome the lack of a majority in the Brazilian Congress. He will certainly have difficulty moving legislation through Congress. Bolsonaro’s response may well be to stimulate his supporters to oppose anything Lula proposes, looking toward the next presidential election in which he will certainly be a candidate. A major question: will he go the next step and encourage violence in the wake of his defeat? At a minimum, gridlock would seem to be on the horizon.”