Pennsylvania governor's race a harbinger on fossil fuel action, says Rabe

June 26, 2022 E&E News

The Pennsylvania gubernatorial election in November could shake up the state’s fossil-fuel-heavy energy sector and influence how quickly it shifts toward clean power, according to E&E News.

In April, 2022, Pennsylvania became the 12th state — and the first major producer of fossil fuels — to join Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. The initiative remains one of the most important energy issues in Pennsylvania.

“We’re talking about one of our big petrol states that’s considering this. It is really quite remarkable,” Ford School professor Barry Rabe told the outlet. “I don’t think we’re going to see New Mexico, Texas, or many other major fossil fuel states even get close to consideration of a carbon pricing regime like this.”

“Discussions about expanding renewables have been underway for a long time, but how you could accomplish that is unclear,” he continued. “That might make continued engagement in RGGI more attractive.”