Congratulations to our winter 2023 graduates

December 18, 2023

Twenty-one Ford School students were honored at the University of Michigan’s Winter Commencement on December 17, 2023. 

Ten MPPs, two MPAs, and nine BAs were conferred at Crisler Arena on December 17, 2023.

Commencement speaker David Brooks, well known for his work as an author and journalist for publications including the New York Times, encouraged graduates to embrace “brave living” in the face of global challenges. “The touchstone of being a moral person is being a genius at the close of hand. It’s the act of being considerate to people in the complex circumstances of life,” Brooks said during his Dec. 17 address at the Ann Arbor campus’ Winter Commencement ceremony at Crisler Center.

“I imagine you’ve absorbed a lot of book learning while you’re here in Ann Arbor. I don’t denigrate it. I’ve spent my life trying to cram information into books. But now comes time for the personal knowledge that is only won by brave living,” Brooks said.

U-M President Santa J. Ono urged the graduates to seek beauty, create connection and find meaning as they step into the next phase of their lives. “Meaning outshines fame, it outlasts achievement, it out-distances bliss. For meaning is not who we are in a moment, but rather who we can be, and who we aspire to be, for a lifetime and beyond. That’s truly what I hope you will discover in your days ahead; yes, a life of success and achievement, but foremost my wish for you is that you have a life of meaning,” Ono said.

Aaron Stark (MPP ‘23) served as the Ford School’s flag bearer.

Congratulations, graduates! Go Blue!

Excerpts from the University Record. Read the full article.

Watch a video of the full 2023 Winter Commencement ceremony