Michigan environmental leaders analyze CLOSUP recycling report

April 9, 2023

The Center for Local, State and Urban Policy released a new report that polled local officials on issues related to recycling as part of the Michigan Local Recycling Policy Project. The Capital News Service gathered reactions from across the state.

"Local government officials in the state generally feel positive about the benefits of recycling, according to a public policy survey report from the University of Michigan," they wrote. "But environmental organizations say that while local officials felt upbeat, they should still be pushed to encourage more recycling."

The article featured representatives from Zero Waste Detroit, the Michigan Municipal League, the Michigan Recycling Coalition, and the Michigan Environmental Council. While the report was promising to the organizations, they all stressed that there is still important work to do.

"Kerrin O’Brien, the executive director of the Michigan Recycling Coalition, said to reap the benefits of recycling, waste systems need to be redeveloped for 'more productive management of materials,'" the Capital News Service reported. 

"Michigan Environmental Council communications coordinator Beau Brockett said the responses from local leaders were expected, but still fulfilling," they wrote. "'It’s proof that recycling is really an inherent, intrinsic value of Michigan,' Brockett said. 'The bottle deposit system is just second nature to us. Taking out recycling bins is just second nature to us.'"

Read the entirety of the article about CLOSUP's report. 

Read the report here.