Stevenson discusses BLS jobs report, inflation

April 12, 2023

Last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released their monthly jobs report. Betsey Stevenson lent her expertise to numerous media outlets to break down what she saw.

"This report is just about as good as it can be. It's slowing slightly, and wage growth is slowing slightly, which is exactly what the Fed wants to see — is they're trying to tap the brakes on the economy without crashing the car," she told NPR.

CNBC hosted Betsey Stevenson to discuss the report. "What the Fed needs to see is people coming into the labor force. And we saw that, we saw labor force participation tick up," Stevenson said. "But actually buried in that is incredibly good news, which is that it came from men. And that's where we've struggled."

In the Washington Post, Stevenson commented on the latest inflation report. “To use my car analogy, we’ve managed to get through really difficult conditions — slowing the car, getting around the wrecks — but that means we’re only part of the way to our destination. If we were to hang a banner up right now that says ‘Mission accomplished,’ I feel pretty confident we would wreck the car.”

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