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Core faculty

John D. Ciorciari

Associate Professor of Public Policy; Director, International Policy Center and Weiser Diplomacy Center
Ciorciari is an associate professor of public policy and director of the Ford School's Weiser Diplomacy Center and International Policy Center. His research focuses on international law and politics in the Global South.
Core faculty

Susan M. Collins

Provost; Edward M. Gramlich Collegiate Professor of Public Policy; Professor of Economics
Collins is Provost of the University of Michigan. She is also the Edward M. Gramlich Collegiate Professor of Public Policy, professor of economics, and former dean of the Ford School (2007-17). She is an international economist whose research interests center on understanding and fostering economic growth in industrial, emerging market, and developing countries.
Core faculty

Justin Wolfers

Professor of Public Policy and Economics
Wolfers is an economist with broad policy-related interests and experience. He is also affiliated with the NBER, Brookings and the Peterson Institute for International Economics. He is a contributing columnist for the New York Times and host of the “Think Like An Economist” podcast. He is a popular teacher and author of a leading economics textbook.
In the Media

Harris analyses digital dollars

May 23, 2021 St Louis Post-Dispatch
With technology becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives, the Federal Reserve has started researching the potential of digital dollars. Adrienne Harris, professor of practice at the Ford School, gave some insight on how different...

Stevenson debunks five myths about the Fed in Washington Post

Aug 9, 2019
Ford School Professor Betsey Stevenson tackled misconceptions about the Federal Reserve in a “Five myths” Washington Post column, published August 2, titled “Five myths about the Federal Reserve.” In the wake of the Federal Reserve’s recent...
State & Hill

Policy analysis and prescience, making life better

Dec 18, 2014
To solve a vexing problem. To seize a promising opportunity. To find the best path forward. For centuries, for millennia, we’ve sought the power of prescience. These days, policy analysis—well and thoughtfully done—is among the most powerful tools...

Wolfers on country music and the Fed’s dual mandate

Nov 7, 2014
“The struggle to balance the demands of keeping unemployment low versus keeping a lid on inflation is just the sort of dilemma crying out for the full country-music treatment,” states Justin Wolfers in Simone Pathe’s recent article, “From Alan...

Fed stays cautious on recovery stimulus

Jul 31, 2014
"It would be hard to make a strong case at this point that the economy is roaring out of a slow recovery," Kathryn Dominguez says in the Bankrate.com article by Allison Ross, "Federal Reserve preview: No summer blockbuster." The article notes that...

Yellen has most Fed system experience, Whitman explains

Oct 9, 2013
Marina Whitman was quoted by the Yahoo! Finance blog The Daily Ticker about the nomination of Janet Yellen as the next head of the federal reserve bank."Janet is the most experienced in the way the Fed system works, having had positions at all...

New York Times quotes Justin Wolfers on Fed's performance

Feb 1, 2013
Justin Wolfers was quoted in a New York Times article about efforts by the Federal Reserve Board to reduce unemployment and increase U.S. economic growth. While some economists have argued that the Fed has done all it can to improve the economy,...