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CLOSUP Lecture Series

State Attorneys General and the Trump Administration: Rising Intergovernmental Conflict (and Perhaps Some Cooperation?)

Sep 13, 2017, 4:00-5:30 pm EDT
Weill Hall, Betty Ford Classroom 1110
With Republicans controlling Congress and the White House following the 2016 elections, Democrats have turned to the states to spur challenges to President Trump’s agenda. Among the most prominent of Trump’s state-level adversaries have been state attorneys general, who in just the first few months of 2017 have challenged federal policy from immigration to the environment. While intergovernmental conflict has continued to deepen, AGs have also found areas of bipartisan cooperation as well. This talk will discuss the role of state AGs during the early months of the Trump Administration. In addition to providing an overview of the various tools AGs have used to gain national prominence, Dr. Nolette will highlight several of the emerging trends in AG activity.
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