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Thinking globally: BA seminar trip to Costa Rica

Jun 1, 2018
“Everything we did was informative and educational. I felt privileged to meet with the people [we did.] I also appreciated the time allotted for debrief and discussion (much of this was on the bus), [and] firsthand experiences of policy project...
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So What Does Somebody Do with a Bachelor's in Public Policy?

Apr 22, 2010
In the fall of 2007, the Ford School launched a bachelor's degree program in public policy. "One of the questions that has come up consistently—from the first time that we went public with this—is, 'So what does somebody do with a bachelor's in...

BA application bootcamp

Jan 11, 2017, 6:00-8:00 pm EST
Betty Ford Auditorium - 1110 Weill Hall
Have a current BA student review your application. Current students will answer your questions, read your essays, or just fill you with some good-luck vibes before you hit the 'send' button!
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Undergraduate information sessions

As a global community, we continue to face unprecedented, complex public challenges. Our world needs the efforts of an energetic, committed, creative generation that is prepared to lead. How will you make a difference?Join us for an undergraduate...


Frequently Asked Questions about the Ford School's Bachelor of Arts in public policy program.

Student organizations

Student organizations are an integral part of the Ford School community—they recruit policymakers and scholars to speak at the school, provide a forum for students to discuss and take action on shared policy interests, raise money for deserving...