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Wolfers weighs in on war in Ukraine and inflation

Mar 14, 2022
Inflation continues to dominate headlines as Americans worry about rising prices everywhere from housing to the gas pump. Justin Wolfers, professor of public policy and economics, provided some insight into the state of the economy. "There’s no...
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Rabe urges Biden administration to prioritize methane in climate policy

Nov 30, 2020 Brookings Institution Planet Policy
"The Biden administration could declare that America is finally ready to lead on methane mitigation. It could design a suite of world-class regulatory and disclosure tools to minimize methane releases for as long as oil and gas continue to be used,"...

Dodd-Frank achievements assessed on its 10th anniversary

Jul 2, 2020
The Center on Finance, Law and Policy co-hosted a day-long conference with the Brookings Institution on June 30 to mark the Dodd-Frank Act 10th Anniversary. Former Senator Chris Dodd and former Representative Barney Frank participated, as did...

Wolfers quoted in Reuters article on income inequality

Mar 22, 2013
Reuters quoted Justin Wolfers in an article about a new Brookings Institution report about rising income inequality. The report, entitled "Rising Inequality: Transitory or Permanent?" looked at incomes in the U.S. between 1987 and 2009. It found...

NSAPOCC reveals belief in global warming is on the rise

Feb 29, 2012
The National Survey of American Public Opinion on Climate Change (NSAPOCC), co-authored by Barry Rabe, has been published in the February 2012 edition of "Issues in Governance Studies" by The Brookings Institution.The latest installment in the...

Dean Susan M. Collins welcomes new Ford School students

Sep 1, 2010
Welcome to the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. On behalf of the entire Ford School community, I am very pleased that you have chosen to join us this year. As you begin your studies, you are embarking on a new trajectory, which we hope you...