Hermann and Amalie Kohn Professorship of Social Justice and Social Policy

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Child tax credit empowers families, says Shaefer

Oct 13, 2021 The New York Times
Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has suggested that lawmakers pick just one of the family policies in the safety net spending bill. The New York Times asked Luke Shaefer which one he would choose. "The child tax credit is elegant in that it does...

Shaefer discusses jump in joblessness that strains safety nets

Mar 27, 2020
With widespread shutdowns of businesses across the country due to COVID-19, states have seen a dramatic rise in the number of unemployed and those seeking unemployment benefits. This week, unemployment claims jumped 2000% in Michigan, putting the...

New U-M professorship to support social justice research, action

Dec 6, 2018
By Mandira Banerjee | Originally published by Michigan News, December 6, 2018  ANN ARBOR—A $2.5 million gift by the Kohn Charitable Trust to the University of Michigan will establish a new professorship of social justice and social policy at the...

Hermann and Amalie Kohn biography

Dr. Harold Kohn's grandparents, Hermann and Amalie Kohn, were from the Lower Franconia district of Bavaria in Germany. They and their ancestors had lived there since the 1750s.  Hermann Kohn was born on April 2, 1871, in Lulsfeld, and Amalie...