John Ciorciari

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The Power of Policy

Dec 17, 2014
Public policy is a principled guide to action, designed to lead to the greater good. As we celebrate our centennial as America’s first graduate-level training program in public administration, we take a moment to reflect on the powerful role policy...

Ciorciari: American investors seek profit, safety in Cambodia

Jul 5, 2012
With a group of U.S. business owners joining U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton on a trip to Cambodia, Voice of America Khmer spoke with John D. Ciorciari about the prospects for American investment in the country."Private investors are mainly...

John Ciorciari discusses first ruling from Khmer Rouge tribunal

Jun 30, 2010
In a U-M vodcast, John Ciorciari talks about the first verdict to be issued by the United Nations-backed Khmer Rouge tribunal against Duch (or Kaing Guek Eav), a prison chief accused of torture and crimes against humanity in Cambodia during the Pol...