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Law enforcement increasingly intolerant of dissent

Aug 29, 2014
"It's very clear that when people get this gear they tend to want to use it," says Joy Rohde in the August 28 Policy Points video, "When the police look like soldiers." Rohde argues that militarized police departments lead to violent confrontations...

Carl Simon talks Ebola and the power of quarantine

Aug 26, 2014
In an August 26 Policy Points video, Carl Simon argues that quarantine is the key to containing and eliminating the recent outbreak of the Ebola virus—the most deadly to date. “The first Ebola outbreak was noted about 40 years ago in small...

Give the people a centrist party, says Whitman

Dec 9, 2013
Marina v.N. Whitman, professor at the Ford School and the Ross School of Business, likes to say that she didn't leave the Republican Party, it left her.She and a vast number of her fellow Americans want a more centrist political party. So what about...

Fracking brings economic boost, but risks raise concerns

May 14, 2013
Most Michigan and Pennsylvania residents say fracking is good for the economy, but have concerns about chemicals used and other environmental risks, according to a University of Michigan survey.The results come from the National Surveys on Energy...